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Many organizations including private homes need security cameras and monitoring solutions to protect all or part of their physical environment. Installng closed circuit television (CCTV) solution provides top-quality video surveillance to keep your products, personnel, and facilities safe.

At Installng, we provide our clients with complete, upfront assessments to design and implement the right CCTV setup for each organization’s unique business needs. We can help you evaluate key factors that influence the deployment of CCTV solutions, such as:

  • What do you need the CCTV system to do?
  • What level of video retention is required?
  • Will your system be monitored or evidentiary in nature?


Benefits of Installng CCTV Systems

Installng Information technology Enginners and Technicians are highly experienced when it comes to security systems, installing the right CCTV cameras where you need them to record what you need, when you need it. In addition, we provide you with training to understand how each camera operates and what its limitations are.

Expertly installed video surveillance is an important component of any integrated security system. It provides:

  • Visual intelligence – CCTV systems offer the visual intelligence you need to assess critical locations, make timely security decisions, and protect your employees.
  • ROI – Video surveillance solutions using CCTV technology can offer a substantial ROI as a deterrent to theft and/or stock shrinkage. In addition, video surveillance can provide business process improvement to help you manage your business more effectively.

Your system can include a single CCTV camera to a large-scale solution with thousands of networked cameras. All CCTV solutions may include:

  • Analog, digital, Internet protocol (IP) and/or megapixel camera technology
  • Hi-definition, digital analog
  • Critical event monitoring
  • Smart video analytics

Whether you are a small, single facility business or have a massive multi-site operation, Installng can design and deploy a perfect-fit video surveillance system for your needs. Safeguard your property, team, and products with top-quality CCTV systems from Installng.

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